The 10 most important tips for an application from the perspective of a long-time HR manager.

1. Scope of the curriculum vitae (CV)

Verify the CV is not longer than two pages.

The CV is the most important sales document of your own personal employee brand along with your motivation letter, your job references, your work samples and your reference.

To apply means to advertise yourself.

First of all HR managers look at the CV and in doing so they focus on the first two pages.

2. Content structure of the CV
What does everything belong to a CV?

  • Professional objective
  • Short description of the experience/skills/core competence
  • Professional activities
  • Achieved success
  • Personal data

List the most recent activities at first.

HR managers have no time to delve deeply into each individual application. Mention the facts and experiences that qualify you for the vacancy.

3. Language

Choose a meaningful language with active phrases.

HR managers want to see that everything in your CV is justifiable and logically structured. They want to see a professional appearance and every single word of the documents has to make sense.

4. Objective

Formulate an objective for your next position.

The objective must correspond to the acquired skills, knowledge and experience.

5. Your success

Formulate your achieved success.

HR managers want to employ successful personalities.

6. Wording

Never write that you want to be invited for a job interview – you want to get the job of your dreams.

7. Formatting

Create your documents in the PDF format. Thus there is no risk that formatting will shift.

8. Quality before quantity

The application documents must be created absolutely error-free.

Being an applicant, you want to create a favorable impression – this is only possible if it is obvious that someone has made an effort with the application documents.

It does not help if you attach pages and pages of qualifications when the essential is not available.

9. Aim of the application documents

Stimulate interest on the part of the job advertiser in order that they want to get to know you as quickly as possible.

10. Time = success

Take your time to create your application documents.

A repeated revision of the documents is indispensable – since Rome was not built in a day.

Allow to countercheck your documents and ask experts for their opinion. Successful personalities leave nothing to chance.

The HR factory will gladly provide you with the necessary competent support and guarantee a professional appearance in the job market.

The secret of success is to take the other’s point of view.

Henry Ford