A look back from the future into today by trend and futurologist Matthias Horx. For him there are historical moments when the future changes direction and he thinks these times are now. Using vision processes which he also successfully applies in companies when he looks from the future back to today. He imagines a situation in a big city in autumn 2020. What is social life like in the streets or in a café now and what is the mood like at football games? The social waivers we had to make during Corona, how do they feel now? Do we continue to work in the home office? Was Corona also an opportunity for people who could never rest because of the hectic pace? Has television consumption changed? Has the economy shrunk and what about the global economy? Why does this type of “from the front scenarios” seem so irritatingly different than a classic forecast? Matthias Horx’s visions form a loop of knowledge in which we include ourselves and our inner change in the future. Coping with the present by leaping into the future instead of the horror future, which is always the easiest to depict. The Corona crisis – a massive loss of control! What happens after this period of bewilderment and fear? A virus as an accelerator of evolution.

The world after Corona